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D D French Dry Cleaner Dallas Texas


DD French Dry Cleaning Dallas Texas

At D D French we use Eco-Solve, an environmentally- friendly solvent. We maintain the purity of the solvent to ensure your cloths are returned clean, fresh and odor free. Our production staff have years of experience in fine drycleaning and pressing. We personalize our service for you, from hand finishing to packaging preferences.

What is drycleaning?
Please understand that drycleaning is not dry, in the sense that there is liquid involved. What makes it 'dry' is the fact that the liquid contains no water. That's right, we clean your clothes in a liquid solution that contains additives, optical brighteners, soil suspenders, basic drycleaning liquid and other supplements, but has none of the properties of water.
The same way water dissolved the aspirin in the glass above, water can also disturb or dissolve fabric finishes, top dyes, sizing's and other fabric treatments. In addition, water can cause some fabrics and fibers to shrink, swell or distort, or it can damage some linings and interfacings. On the other hand, drycleaning solutions can clean those same garments without those risks or problems.
Take a look at the way the aspirin in the glass on the left floats undisturbed and intact in the glass of drycleaning solution, while the pure water on the right has disintegrated the aspirin. The difference in the way water and drycleaning liquid impact on various textiles is one of the reasons garment manufacturers recommend drycleaning for so many of your fine garments. They know that professional cleaning is the best way to remove the soil and stains that can abrade and erode fine fabrics, without endangering the hand, texture, colors or linings.

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