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D D French Dry Cleaner All Shirts not created equal

We have always gotten a lot of questions about how we price the shirts that you bring in for dry cleaning, so we thought you might find it interesting to know why shirts are not priced based on gender (like most people think).  It has a lot to do with what shirts can go on the automated finishing machine and which require hand finishing.  Hope this clears up your shirt questions!

It's all about the


When pricing how much a shirt will cost to be cleaned, its not as easy as male or female!

We examine each shirt individually to see:

1) what kind of fabric it is

(some fabrics can't be put onto the automated pressing machine shown above
(the plates are TOO HOT), and have to be done by hand)

2) if there are any special designer details

(ruffles, pleats, darting, -- the hot plates would crush them!)

3)what cleaning process will be best for the shirt

(laundered, wetcleaned, or drycleaned - by the way, only laundered shirts can be finished (pressed) by automated equipment)

4) whether the shirt fits on our automated finishing machine

(if not, it will be done by hand, which takes more time and costs more money)


It doesnt matter if it is a man or woman's shirt, it's all depends on the cleaning and finishing process the shirt requires.  But you can be certain that whether you're a man or a woman, or your shirt is done by hand or our finishing machines, it will come out looking it's best!

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