St. Patrick’s Day and Lip Stick Stains?

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and that means in Chicago they’ll be turning the river green, in New York City they’ll be marching down Fifth Avenue and all over Dallas we’ll be seeing tee shirts, buttons and hats urging us to ‘KISS ME, I’M IRISH’!

Not surprisingly, that particular St. Patrick’s day proclamation always puts me in mind of lipstick stains!  So, in the spirit of the day and the stain, we’ve put together some information about lipsticks that we think you might find interesting.







Red Lipstick Stains
Like so many cosmetic products, lipstick is considered a tough stain to remove.

It has red dye in it.  It has oils and moisturizers. (The fancy cosmetic companies have $50 dollars words for it like ’emollients’, but in the final analysis, it’s probably castor, olive, mineral or some other oil!)  It has wax.  It may even have a distilled version of coal tar.


Given the nature of all these goodies, the last thing you want to do to treat a lipstick stain is douse it with water.  As we all know, oil and water don’t mix!  So, rubbing away at a lipstick stain with a damp cloth won’t do anything more than abrade the fibers and spread the stain.

Our best advice is to bring the item in to us for quick, professional service and to avoid those “KISS ME I’M IRISH” buttons!


Thought for the Week

From the heart of a friend-
“May good fortune be yours, May your joys never end.”

~ A Special Irish Blessing



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